Wednesday, September 11, 2013

John Pilger's Continuing Mania

I have several pyramids for sale to anyone who believes that its a coincidence that the guardian chose the week that makes anniversary of 911 to publish an article libeling the USA as "humanity's most dangerous enemy." Much like claims of ESP the quote is evidence free claim produced for those who want to believe it. The quote is self evidently false to anyone with a basic education who lives in this world of expanding PRC and DPRK slave systems just as anyone vaguely aware of gravity can dismiss allegations of telekinesis. Like a teenager attempting to bend spoons with his mind, Pilger is a captive of delusion of the belief that he's waging an epic struggle when he's actually only shaming himself.

Pilger opens by promoting Hiroshima victimhood, there's nothing with questioning the ethics of allied tactics but it must be done in context of Axis atrocity. To rip Dresden or Hiroshima out of context for moralizing guilt trips makes the Axis powers into victims, the chief goal of neo-fascist revisionism. Out of all the civilian casualties in the second world war the Axis powers received the lowest, 12 percent, out of that Japan received the lowest. By Pilger's reasoning if Japan was a victim then so was the third reich as far more civilians in Germany than in Nipon.

The article comes off as an unintentional caricature of cliches spouted by the pro-Assad 'antiwar' movement with comparisons of Syria to Iraq. Silly man, doesn't he know its just like the red river war? Just look at the parallels! Don't deny them!

Apparently "John Kerry's farce and Barack Obama's pirouettes are temporary" a preposterous charge  as anyone vaguely with his MENA policy knows no one wants to stay out than Barry Obama. It turns out my ESP allegory was accurate since Pilger predicts that "Russia's peace deal over chemical weapons will, in time, be treated with the contempt that all militarists reserve for diplomacy." Yes he believes that Putin in a peacemaker and Obama is an evil militarist! Peace in this context means Syrians fully under the thumb of Baathist rule.

According to Pilger Obama is allied with "Al-Qaeda" in Syria, it doesn't matter that Al-Qaeda linked jihadis are now executing rebels backed by Obama. It doesn't matter that if it is a "myth" that the Syrian opposition are Al-Qaeda Assad apologists, far-rightists and others will continue to howl that any Syrian who doesn't believe that there is no God but Bashar is Al-Qaeda. The myth justifies Baathist violence, dehumanizes its victims and as an argument becomes a polemical blunt object.

Pilger has put on many breathtaking performances in the theater of absurdity but his sudden outrage about Syrian Islamists is a new masterpiece since he has a long record of justifying Islamist atrocities. He has voiced support for 911 conspiracism, described Hezbollah as "humanity as its noblest" and praised the Taliban in an article promoting the Afghan pipeline conspiracy theory.

He describes the Egyptian military junta as Obama's allies, Sisi has refused every request made by the president who backed Morsi to his end. Pilger believes that Obama "intends to crush the last independent states in the Middle East: Syria first, then Iran" John's source for his claim is the conspiracist hate site 'exclusive reports' typical articles include "Ancient Roots of Bilderberg Reveal Prusso-Teutonic Agenda for World Domination."Though its not surprising that he uses sources that share his level of credibility.

Pilger alleges that a shadowy conspiracy (just be honest and say Jews John you know you want to) is "suppressing the truth" and that "whether...Bashar al-Assad or the "rebels" used gas in the suburbs of Damascus." John minimizes the Baathist atrocity as much as possible and hinting that he believes a conspiracy was behind it his source promotes 'false flag' conspiracy theories about it. Pilger's support is a matter of public record since he previously denied that Baathists committed the Houla massacre claiming that the slaughter was committed by "'rebels' backed by Obama and Cameron."

Predictably John moves on to whataboutery arguing "the US, not Syria, that is the world's most prolific user of" chemical weapons. He cites use of defoliants, depleted uranium and white phosphrous, DU and WP are not banned by any treaty and are legal to use in war under international law. According to "Historical Dictionary of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare" defoliants "fall outside the coverage afforded by the chemical weapons convention." Even if Pilger was correct it would have no ethical relevance, to argue that the actions of one state absolves another is illogical apologia which further condemns him as a supporter of Bashar al-Assad. The very same reasoning would absolve the USA of any real or imagined wrongdoing: any Pilger critique of old glory can be made moot by his own tactics if they are accepted.

John believes that opposition to the Syrian regime proves people are "brainwashed" this from the man who thinks that sites promoting talking of ancient Teuton plots of world domination are news! The "brainwash" non-argument places him firmly in the conspiracist camp who defend their claims by proclaiming themselves to possess absolute truth and intellectual superiority. Pilger's source for his example of projection is anti-Semite and 911 truther Richard Falk, maybe those 'secret' imbeciles are on to something abut something about like attracting like.

Pilger proclaims that a "a military coup has taken place in Washington" because Barry "accepted the entire Pentagon of his predecessor." The naked absurdity aside its a claim that disproves itself since Pilger thinks a lack of change proves that a huge change like a coup has taken place. Though it does remind me of some damn good fiction.

John goes full tea bagger by writing that "the constitution is replaced by an emerging police state" he might owe Dinesh D'Souza royalties since he just reiterated the plot of '2016 Obama's America.' Its another self evidently false claim, anti-Obama protesters freely call for Obama's murder, try to foment revolution and other acts that would receive in some of the most liberal countries. In real police states people are tortured and murdered for the most restrained protests which is what happens in Pilger's beloved Baathist Syria.

As his article which seems to be a transcript of primal scream therapy sessions ends John makes a hideously exploitive claim "more former US soldiers are killing themselves than are dying on battlefields. Last year 6,500 veterans took their own lives." If the US of A is the most evil state ever (like if  no heart from the care bears was a country) why care about their soldiers? In actuality "nearly 85 percent of military members who took their lives had no direct combat history, meaning they may have been deployed but not seen action."

He cites a history "historian Norman Pollack" who calls this "liberal fascism."" Pollack published a few books decades ago, the 'liberal fascism' hyperbole is from a counterpunch article, an outlet that publishes neo-nazis and articles alleging that the blood libel is historical fact. Pollack predictably compares Obama to Hitler thus completing the arch between the far-left and Glenn Beck.

Norman's condemnation of Obama for "militarisation" and "assassination" makes little sense as thats nothing compared to FDR's carpet bombing of entire cities. Pilger seems to think that Barry is just like you know who because of drones, a method of war legal under international law which only forbids intentionally targeting civilians .  by that reasoning was any allied leader not comparable to mister Schicklgruber?

He libels Obama as the "the first black leader of the land of slavery" which reveals his racism as John loves to weaponize slavery to attack Barrack having previously called him an "uncle Tom." Its not merely racist its also imbecilic since Obama has no ties to southern antebellum on his Kenyan side. He quotes "judges at Nuremberg" who declared that "individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity." That probably means that Pilger has spent the week ripping off mattress tags and loitering convinced that he was brining Obama's nazi-zionist-prusso-teutonic cabal to its knees.

Extremism comparable to fascism will almost inevitably be found in the decayed minds of those who make hyperbolic third reich and/or fascist comparisons. Just as Pollack writes for an outlet with content that mirrors Der Sturmer, Pilger defends a stated modeled on European fascism with advice from Alois Brunner. John Pilger praises terrorist organizations like Hezbollah who have sworn to exterminate Jews and his idea of a good Jew is neo-nazi Gilad Atzmon. I'm sure Pilger would compare himself to Mandela or Gandhi depending on his mood and vague knowledge of who those people were but Mel Gibson is the most accurate comparison.

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