Friday, May 17, 2013

Galtung's Law

I stopped using the 'godwin's law' neologismafter Godwin gave us an example of Poe's law by comparing Gitmo to Auschwitz. Obviously a statement so anti-Semitic and idiotic discredits Godwin but that and a recent outburst by psuedo-intellectual Johan Galtung gave me a name for a very annoying phenomena that is useful only as example of the corruption of discourse. Galtung has a habit of comparing whatever he doesn't like to the third reich or 'fascism" usually western democracies.

Galtung's other views include praise for Mao's China which exceeded fascism's death toll and support for the Soviet union. Galtung revealed his anti-Semitism by claiming that Mossad was involved in Breivik's massacre, telling people to read the protocols of the elders of zions forgery and claiming that nazi anti-Semitism was justified by resentment of high position enjoyed by German Jews. Galtung is only useful as an example of how public intellectuals and academic celebrities are in reality some of the most witless dullards ever to pollute the human gene pool. The fact that a man can become a celebrity by making predictions less accurate than psychic friends hotline answers and feeble ratzi comparisons that sound like the sort of insults made by a fifth grader at a hated gym teacher is a stupefying example of how discourse has become intellectually stunted and worthless.

In the dishonor  of both I coined Galtung's law which is the "likelihood that people who make hyperbolic nazi or fascist comaprisons will have anti-Semitic, extremist or views similar to the NDSAP." Since nazism is synonymous with evil it has become a very potent political weapon, compare a state to the reich and it becomes irredeemably evil: a monstrosity that must be destroyed. For anti-Israel activists on either side of the political chasm it has become their favorite tool.

According to CIF watch "attempts in Europe to portray Israel as the modern incarnation of Nazi Germany were once the preserve of the extremists. Islamists, fascists and communists — each acting for reasons of their own — have employed the technique to portray the Jewish state as the epitome of political evil with which no compromise can be made...Indeed, narratives which characterize the Jewish state as morally equivalent to Nazi Germany have been codified as anti-Semitic by both the European Union and the U.S. State Department."

Examples aren't hard to find:

Noam Chomsky loves to compare western democracies that the axis powers dedicated themselves to destroying to the third reich. If the comparison was accurate Chomsky would be dead, no state genuinely  comparable to the ratzis would tolerate a Jewish critic. The Faurisson affair makes it an example of Gaultung's law as Chomsky signed a statement endorsing Faurisson's 'findings.' He appeared on Iranian state media to offer support to a regime more abhorrent than fascist Spain and compared the west to nazi Germany on an outlet that promotes neo-nazis and holocaust denial.

Julian Assange revealed his anti-Semitism by comparing gitmo to Auschwitz. Assange employs a neo-nazi named Israel Shamir whom he has defended. When the captive people of Belarus rose up against Europe's last dictator Julian and Shamir aided the regime's suppression by giving the state stolen documents to allow a dictator who praises Hitler to kill, rape and torture democrats.

John Pilger made a rambling attack on Argo which had no substance, he argued that the film is propaganda without any supporting evidence Pilger compared the movie to nazi propaganda: a silly argument to make in defense of a state that denies the Shoah. Its an example of Galtung's law because Pilger praised a neo-nazi named Gilad Atzmon and his anti-Semitism is well documented.

The Lew Rockwell site is an odious far-right odious hate site that denounced civil rights as an evil socialist plot. (Its decades after King's murder yet white supremacists cannot invent new scripts.) LW compared David Frum to Goebbels, an example of the anti-Semitic tactic of weaponizing the Holocaust to use against Jews. Lew Rockwell published material in praise of David Duke who was described as a victim of "a massive campaign of hysteria, of fear and hate."

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