Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Islamophobes Support Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar

The Islamophobic blogosphere efer to themselves as people waging a counter-jihad, they literally are keyboard commandos. They and their far-left enemies are unaware that they are mirror images of one another. 'Anti-imperialists' who support Islamist terror construct the west as an evil force, therefore anyone opposing it must be in the right. Counter-jihadis view Islam as pure evil and anyone opposing Muslims as the white hats.

These twin world views make them support monsters. They have even been on the exact same side, in the 90s era Balkans both anti-imperialists and counter-jihadis supported Milosevic's ethnic cleansers. Robert Spencerclaims there "was no massacre at Srebrenica" the same claim made by innumerable far-left rags.

Both use similar tactics. What sane person hasn't grown exhausted of the 'anti-imperialist' claim that they are critics of Israel 'smeared' as anti-Semites? Their anti-Muslim foes complain that they are only critics of Islam being defamed and silenced with the false charge of bigotry.

Today both are in sync on Syria. Robert Spencer claimed that "Syrian rebels, not Assad, used chemical weapons" a view shared by Seumas Milne. Pam Geller claimed that "Houla massacre blamed on Assad regime actually work of Jihadi rebels." FAIR published an article claiming that the Houla massacre was fabricate war "propaganda." Spencer's side sees Syria as a victim of an Islamist conspiracy while FAIR's factions fallaciously believes Syria is the victim of a western conspiracy.

Under that reasoning Spencer's tribe has come to support one of the most abominable crimes of our time: the ongoing decimation of Rohingya Muslims. Myanmar's  authorities have "reaffirmed a longstanding ban on Rohingyas having more than two children, in a rare acknowledgement of the controversial rule." Article II of the genocide convention identifies "imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group" as a genocide method.


How has the Islamophobosphere responded? Robert Spencer engaged in victim blaming arguing that Rohingyas "instigated this latest episode of violence." Other bloggers were less subtle. Geller posted that "Muslims are waging jihad in Myanmar. Buddhists are fighting back. So of course Obama has to back the jihadists. Obviously, he is not on our side. Don't buy the Muslim myth of victimhood in Burma."

Gates of Vienna posted that "the media widely reported what was happening as the “ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims by Buddhists”. Our Spanish correspondent Hermes presents a slightly different view of what is currently happening in Burma" which blamed Rohingyas and denied atrocities. The 'bare naked Islam' blog was more explicit with articles like "OH, BOO HOO! The Myanmar (Burma) Muslims are being ethnically cleansed and nobody gives a damn." Which expressed a view that "Muslims get a taste of the kind of ethnic cleansing at which they excel."

Islamophobes characterize Muslims as intolerant, bigoted and misogynist but the counter-jihadis have adopted those traits as their own. Severe intolerance is required to support the oppression of a people who never harmed you and whom you only recently heard of. Severe bigotry is required to argue that they deserve or are to blame for their suffering. Pam Geller in an example of the genocidal mindset argued that Rohingya identity isn't real, what then have Buddhist extremists been trying to destroy? Its also misogynistic since violence against women is a key tool in the  ongoing anti-Rohingya campaign, so much for counter-jihadi love for women or anything other than their warped agenda.

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