Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anti-Semitism in the Daily Banter

The daily banter is an relatively decent publication. Cesca has produced enjoyable criticism of Greenwald's fraudulent reporting then again that only requires fundamental critical thinking skills. Though it falls to prey to popular leftist fallacies, for example they recently published an article arguing that the coalition lost the Iraq war which only could have happened if the Baathists expelled the invasion or the insurgents overthrew the new Iraqi state and then expelled the coalition.

They published nakedly anti-Semitic  articles on circumcision written by some troll with the handle EA Blair. This particular Orwell wannabe is a new atheist in the mold of Christopher Hitchens; a legend in his own stunted mind convinced of imaginary superiority. The new atheists have a serious anti-Semitism problem; Hitchens spent years support Palestinian militancy, cited and defended anti-Semites ranging from Israel Shahak to Shoah deniers. Sam Harris believes that Jews brought their persecution upon themselves, including the Holocaust.

Of course like most things male circumcision can be constructively criticized without lapsing into bigotry but EA focuses on Judaism. The vast majority of circumcisions have no connection to Judaism there's no reason, save for Judenhaus, to focus on Judaism at all. EA luridly provides an image of Judaism as a violent, backwards faith its as if an officer in the Okhrana became a Hitchens fanboy.

The first article equates male circumcision to FGM multiple times. There is no equivalence between the two, EA is repeating a popular misogynist fallacy. FGM has no medical benefits, prevents urination and makes intercourse an agony unlike male circumcision which could only be comparable to FGM if the head of the member was lopped off.

The second article is explicitly anti-Semitic it features an image from a Seth MacFarlane cartoon where Tarantino circumcizes a Jewish baby with blood flying through the room. Daily banter uses images of blood and gore to defame Judaism, a supposedly progressive outlet continues the blood libel. (Its also a reason to despise MacFarlane but those are never in short supply.)

The article is titled "a retort to a misguided reader." A retort is a quick reply, not an entire article which is too long to be a retort. EA clearly hungers for everyone to share his misguided delusion that he's intelligent, if he wants to convince any of that he should learn definitions of words.

EA described Judaism as "bronze age bullshit" therefore outing himself as an anti-Semite. The far-left defend their racism as "criticism of Islam" he presents his bigotry as a critique of circumcision. This is a clown who thinks he's enlightened for defaming a faith that was nearly eradicated.

The rest of the article is a response to Jewish critic, he whined that the critics used a "tactic of your ilk, to decry a critic as a bigot and call for them to be driven into the desert like they did to scapegoats in Leviticus 16:8." Your ilk? Thats basically 'you people' written by some guy who probably refers to himself in third person. The use of biblical imagery in a response to a Jewish critic is aggressively anti-Semitic like his insistence that if "there’s an anti-Semite on this email chain, I can’t see how it is me."

EA resorted to a strawman when he claimed that his opponent thinks that "faith concepts in themselves deserve protection from criticism, lest its feelings are hurt." Lest? Really? Its easy to imagine EA giggling about how sophisticated he thinks that will make him look. He continued with "no concept, no theory, no opinion and no belief is ring-fenced off from criticism." His critic did not argue that circumcision is above criticism rather that his criticism had obviously entered into anti-Semitism, in fact Judaism is unique in its encouragement of critical thought.

He proved that his extraordinarly patient oppponent was correct when he wrote  "at least not outside of the deserts of the Middle East." He thinks that Judaism is backwards desert faith and he's not alone that has been the view of countless anti-Semites. Its also hard not to detect the implication that his critic should got back to the desert.

EA continued to provide an example of generic imbecility with: "let me entertain for a moment, and against my better judgment, your facile accusation of homophobia." Doesn't that sound like a middle schooler trying to mimic a Bond villain? He thinks that "“homo” is defined as "(ie male to male)" anyone with a sixth grade education knows that 'homo' means 'same.'

The little troll disgraced himself further by claiming that his critic had tried to "silence" him for "daring to" criticism Judaism another legend in his own mind where an email is call to persecution. He caricatured Jews as overly sensitive but exhibited that trait. He describes Jews as "those who follow the Bronze Age teachings of the Big Book of Jewish Fairytales" there's no need to criticize the obvious about a statement so vile and anti-Semitic: it speaks for itself.

Daily banter bloggers enjoy policing other outlets but publish a sickening racist article. Will they apply the standards they judge others by to themselves? Or will they hypocritically continue to host an article advancing one of the most evil prejudices in the history of our entire species?

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  1. There is an amazing amount of intolerance on both the extreme left and right.