Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Washington Post Publishes Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda

The international reaction to Egypt mirrors the irrationality of the crisis; westerners are actually taking sides in a squabble overseas. Various commentators have cast objectivity to the wind to produce pornographic propaganda painting the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood - a parent of al-Qaeda - as a victim. While others churn out disinformation about a valorous army fighting evils salafis to safeguard a revolution as if shooting protesters becomes legitimate with enough popular support. The Washington Post has published a depraved article that falls into the first category.

The article opens with a sentence describing MB members as "activists" who were "branded as terrorists." From the very start the article bestows legitimacy on the middle east's version of the black dragon society; 'activist' is one of the most innocent words available. The authors Sly & Sheridan use the word 'branded' to give the impression that an organization with a long history of terrorist attacks is an innocent party slapped with the t-word for propaganda purposes. They argue that "1000 Morsi" fans were killed, if thats true why did Al-Jazeera have to lie?

According to the article unnamed 'analysts' think that the MB could reject its "decades-long commitment to nonviolence" a delusionally false claim. The article was published as "unprecedented" MB attacks on Christians are intensifying to levels just short of the Hamidian massacres. Morsi himself had appointed a member of a terrorist group that massacred tourists in Luxor as governor of Luxor. To describe a group carrying out persecution so horrific that Christians canceled for the first time in over a century is depraved propaganda in service to clero-fascism.

Sly & Sheridan would probably try to argue that such actions were carried out by rogue bad apples maybe even trying to blame the army for stirring things up. The Muslim Brotherhood leadership issued a statement declaring that: "the Pope of the Church sends a memo to the current commission to cancel the articles of Sharia. After all this people ask why they burn the churches. And for the Church to declare war against Islam and Muslims is the worst offense. For every action there is a reaction." Islamists are using justifications favored by their western apologists. I cannot detect any difference between that quote and the typical article using the 'blowback' concept.

They to supply a facsimile of evidence for their claim that the men who paraded nuns around like trophies of war are peaceful by quoting an MB official named Khaled Hanafi! Anyone who attempts to prove that a violent theocratic cult are peaceful by quoting a member of that cult is only fit for a career in janitorial labor not journalism. Its hideous that they ignore the voices of victims to fawn over MB thugs.

Sly & Sheridan describe Mohammed Badie as a "spiritual leader" who in actuality in advocate of violent jihad against the Jewish people. Badie's wikipedia page details how he "demanded that the Arab world reject negotiations with Israel in favor of "holy Jihad," saying that "the Zionists only understand force."" The Washington Post's understanding of 'peaceful' is at odds with basic sentient thought, exactly like the Muslim brotherhood.

After citing Ikhwanists they provide a history of the Muslim Brotherhood as heroic dissidents and victims who 'endured' "arrests, torture and imprisonment." The problem is that S&S have made Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood member Ayman al-Zawahiri into a martyr. A number of other AQ members who participated in the brotherhood's 'clashes' "with Egypt’s authoritarian governments."

The article only cites people who are sympathetic to the MB like "Ibrahim el-Houdaiby, a political analyst who belongs to a prominent Muslim Brotherhood family." The lack of sources critical of the organization confirms that Sly & Sheridan are biased in favor of the MB.

According to Ibrahim MB is at risk of losing "a great part of its members to violent movements" if the brotherhood were a genuinely peaceful group its members would not jump at the chance to join violent. Sly & Sheridan's own source can be used against their cravenly wretched article.

Bob from brockley explained the "only right line now is neither SCAF nor MB Egyptian working class as independent third camp." An obvious ethical position that needs to be explained since a leading newspaper has published fiction in praise of salafi filth. The Post should remove Sly & Sheridan's article if they want to atone for how they have betrayed journalism and basic ethics by publishing lies about a fascist organization.

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