Friday, November 8, 2013

The New Statesman's JFK Conspiracy Theories

Once a leading UK paper the New Statesman has become an outlet for fatuous identity politics and toxic extremism. If you visit the site you will have to suffer material like Laurie Penny blasting football as misogynistic; I thought she would love watching balls being kicked in. The paper published an issue with the Star of David on a Union Jack captioned "a kosher conspiracy" the editor issued a non-apology but defended the issue's anti-Semitic content. They routinely publish extremists like Stalinist Richard Seymour or Hezbollah fan John Pilger who praised the Holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon as his idea of a good Jew in one of his New Statesman article.

The statesman published "Edward Snowden saw things he thought we, as Americans, should know. He valued the truth and thought you could handle it, says Alec Baldwin."  First Brand, then Baldwin at this rate Nicky Minaj will be guest editing next week. Celebrity status does not make someone's opinions invalid but Baldwin is a hysterical wreck whose views include praise for IRA terrorists and vicious homophobia.

Baldwin's opening paragraphing accused Obama of " attempts to silence, even hunt down, the press." Its a wild claim without evidence easily debunked by pointing to how journalists who broke the NSA stories are alive, well and free at home and abroad. Baldwin whines about what his fellow baby boomers experienced which seems like kids stuff compared to previous generation who endured the apocalyptic world wars and the great depression. Baldwin's generation enjoyed unprecedented prosperity while creating obstacles for coming generations.

Alec painted a sorry picture of "rampant obesity running throughout the country, gun laws that border on madness." Alec avoided mention of decline of obesity and violent crimes, in fact violent crime is rising in Europe along with support for neo-fascism. He expressed belief that "the Vietnam war and the assassination of President Kennedy" have "kept us in a type of karmic stall and prevented the US from growing into what it might have been."  Beliefs can be a nice thing but they have no place in non-fiction which depends on evidence and facts not "karmic stalls" whatever the dickens those are. After mourning Kennedy without mention that he got the US into Vietnam Baldwin went full retard. Alec's beliefs include the claim that "we still don’t know who killed" JFK.

He described the reality of the JFK assassination as one of the "the greatest lies any society has ever been asked to swallow in the name of moving forward in order to heal itself." He continued to reveal his nature as a deluded conspiracist: "no sane person believes Kennedy was killed by one bitter ex-marine. To be an American today is to accept this awful truth and to live your life with unresolved doubts about your country as a result." Context matters, the bulk of JFK conspiracy theories have been entirely debunked and the idea that a vast conspiracy in the FBI, Mafia, CIA - all prone to leaks.

                                                 Baldwin's Magic Mullet

According to Baldwin "Kennedy died because a hell-bent confluence of anti-Castro, pro-interventionist Vietnam war architects." I disagree with him about much but we have one thing in common we're both fans of American Tabloid, I just understand the distinction between fact and fiction; the same cannot be said about Alec. He insisted that "anyone with eyes can see that Kennedy was shot from the front" a statement made years after digital tech confirmed that Oswald acted alone.  Baldwin claimed that there is a fifty year history of "destroyed or altered records and vital evidence" the utter lack of evidence condemns his words as fantasy.

He continued to explain that his JFK trooferism is a motive for his support for Snowden, which doesn't put Snowden fans in a very credible light. Similarly Icke fan Alice Walker expressed her allegiance to Snowden, her praise was endorsed by Glenn Greenwald without mention of her anti-Semitism. Like a LARPer Baldwins wraps up his article by posturing against imaginary evil: "in honour of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, I stand for truth." Even open sewers like Al-Jazeera usually attach a pathetic, unconvincing  disclaimer at the end of insane articles unlike the New Statesman's staff who probably seem to think that JFK was  a documentary.

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