Monday, July 1, 2013

Hastings Trooferism

When Michael Hastings passed I didn't pay very much attention to the story since I've never read any of his work. Later I found out that where I had seen a sad story others had seen an opportunity. Anyone with an internet connection knows that conspiracists will spin any event into a wicked plot, much like how religious devotees attribute random weather patterns to divine action. Its a waste of time to blog about conspiracists, what is noteworthy is how Hastings conspiracy theories suggest that their mentality is spreading.

The wikileaks tweet below was my first exposure to Hastings trooferism. The exploitation of a man's death with lies to pimp his agenda is irredeemable and typical of Assange. Though that isn't to suggest that the organization that aided torture, rape and murder in Belarus with a Shoah denier was ever a decent liberal organization.

Other people outside conspiracism took wilileak's insinuations and ran with it. The young turd- errr Turks covered "Wikileaks’ revelation, that Michael Hastings contacted them hours before his death to tell them that he was being investigated by the FBI, came as no surprise to The Young Turks‘ Cenk Uygur. On Wednesday night’s edition of Current TV’s The Young Turks, Uygur read the Wikileaks tweet on the air." Apart from Cenk reaching new levels of buffoonery (the closest he's come to achieving something) other outlets like the daily mail, common dreams and others devoted articles to the tweet.

In actuality the FBI was not investigating Hastings. There is no evidence in existence to suggest that he was under investigation. RIP journalism!

Amber Lyon also produced preposterous prevarications pertaining to Hastings. She was previously in the news when she claimed her work on Bahrain was censored by a network conspiracy. People like Glenn Greenwald rallied around her claim which was revealed as false, unsurprising since the documentary was aired on a national level.

Lyon cited infowars as a source on Hastings: an example of how anti-American allies will strike alliances of convenience with any vermin that share anti-American ideology. Other examples abound. Lyon appeared "on Alex Jones’s show to discuss her experience at CNN, and now she is peddling the new internet conspiracy that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was killed by the federal government because of a story he was working on." Obviously thats enough to discredit her but many people describe that show as only kooky when its one of the most racist on the internet. Lyon's new friend believes the blood libel is true.

The emergence of Hastings trooferism in relatively mainstream media highlights convergence between the far-right and anti-Obama leftists. Both share anti-war ideology which is so powerful that various leftists in the past have united with the worst extreme right wing degenerates: for example 'stop the war' coalition has produced pro-Baathist propaganda. Both sides have utopian inclinations and extreme aversions to authority that can manifest in identical ways. Echoing tea party calls for a second revolution Chris Hedges took to his execrable 'truth dig' blog to call for the overthrow of Obama telling people to 'rise up or die.'

Liberals critical of Obama must live by the same standards they judge the president by. They betray those standard through conspiracy theories, uncritical Assange hero worship and alliances with the extreme right. If the left continues to advance towards the fringe there will soon be a new market for Oregon compound real estate.

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