Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Cult of Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas is worm food and finally making a contribution (as fertilizer) though her infamous words live on. Recall how she said that "congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where there mouth is…We're being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.""

Thomas is reviled by decent opinion but she gained a following whose delusions were matched only their fanaticism for Thomas. Anti-Israel bigots insist that "critics of Israel" are 'tarred' or 'smeared' as anti-Semites which amounts to arguing that critics of Israel can never be anti-Semitic. There are few genuine examples of legitimate criticism of Israel being tarred as Jew hated. Desperate regurgitation of the Livingstone formulation is usually a confirmation of anti-Semitism.

She has been hailed as a "pioneer" so much that her hagiography has become its own tall tale.  Apologists for Helen Thomas the stank engine argue that her career renders any criticism of her moot; by that reasoning Thomas Lindbergh is absolved by his impressive aviation career. Others defend her by drawing attention to her criticism of the American government by that reasoning any neo-ratzi would be exonerated since they all loath old glory. Such defenses betray a leftist bias that has caused 'anti-imperialists' to ally with any vile vermin vociferating about the USA and Israel.

The mythologization of Thomas as a heroic trailblazing Joan of Arc burned by false accusations of anti-Semitism reflects extremist hubris. Acolytes of dead fringe causes see themselves as heroes fighting for utopia with every lie drenched article. Hero worship is central in extremism: an ideology is defined by its icons take them away and the followers have nothing. Extremist are deeply narcissistic thus if they view themselves as heroes above criticism the same holds true for people they admire. Helen Thomas veneration is more than a spectacle in honor of a twisted anti-Semite; it is an insight into the extremist mentality.

The hall of shameful tweets:

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