Friday, July 5, 2013

John Pilger Humiliates Himself

The guardian favors hyperbole over journalism, recall how Greenwald defined good journalism as writing that arouses anger. The term 'yellow journalism' was coined to describe various dishonest ways that newspapers competed for the popular cartoon 'the yellow kid.' The guardian engaged in yellow journalism by publishing  screeching ravings by John Pilger, a living cartoon character.

The guardian discredit themselves by publishing Pilger who has described  Hezbollah as "humanity at its noblest" and supports neo-nazi Gilad Atzmon which resembles fascist ravings about ideal men. Shiraz Socialist proved that  Pilger supports Assad and argued that rebels were "responsible for the Houla massacre." Pilger pretends to  value all life; his articles shows that he places individuals like Assange or Snowden over Syrians.

Pilger's article revolves around claims Morale's plane was "forced down" a "metaphor for the gangsterism that now rules the world and the cowardice and hypocrisy of bystanders..." Extremists play populist games but reveal that they have a very low opinion of the masses they imagine themselves fighting for, Pilger thinks they are hypocritical and cowardly. In the 21st century delusional hubris is all Pilger and his fellow travelers have.

 John describes the USA as "a vast Orwellian police state" "mass spying" and "criminal activity on an epic scale." Far from being dystopic death squads American agencies are less extreme than the finest European democracies. Pilger is a fan of Hugo Chavez who passed a law that allows warrantless wiretapping and state manipulation of the judiciary, the NSA cannot wiretap without warrants. Venezuela is an institutionally anti-Semitic whose intelligence agencies have inherited the inquisition's job of spying on Jews.

Pilger's central claim is untrue according to Philip Bump  Pilger is relying on "reporting comes from a single source, the Bolivian government, and some of it has been contradicted." The tall tale "of the re-routed Bolivian president's plane is falling apart." According to Michael C. Moynihan Morales' story does not "make sense... Morales’s plane didn’t leave from the airport housing Snowden but one on the other side of Moscow. There is also the emergence of an audio recording of the Bolivian pilot telling an air-traffic controller that “we need to land because we cannot get a correct indication of the fuel indication—we need to land.”"

 Pilger dives into irrelevant ranting and falsely claims that Morales was abducted: "the rise of fascism in Europe might have been averted had the liberal or left political class understood the true nature of its enemy."  Extremists love to invoke fascism to pose as moral voices all while supporting modern fascism. John loves to equate and compare western democracies with facism, nazis or no heart from the care bears. The fact that he can criticize and play dissident without reprisal disproves such hyperbole. In a defense of  Serbian fascism Pilger said it is "ridiculous" to compare Milosevic and Hitler.

John believes that "the democratic facades of the US now barely conceal a systematic gangsterism...the same as, fascism." A false statement without evidence that trivializes real fascism there have never been fascist states with free elections, equal rights for minorities and free speech rights. Pilger links to a drone strike story; his own source states that the strike killed "mix of local militants" without civilian deaths. Norman Geeras wrote a superb entry ridiculing the "Pilger prevarication."

John quotes one of Harold Pinter's defenses of the USSR! Pinter supported the Milosevic regime: the erruption of 20th century fascism which Pilger also offered apologia for. Pilger supports anti-Semites and produces lies in service of classically fascist Baathist Syria. He supports Iranian clero-fascists and makes appearances on press tv which airs holocaust denial and forced confessions, apparently he thought Hutu power radio was too mainstream.

For anyone with a nakedly totalitarian record to describe states as 'fascist' is textbook projection and self delusion on par with otherkin kids. If the USA really was fascist Pilger and other comment is free writers would be devoutly pro-American. As we can see from Pilger's example those who make hyperbolic accusations of fascism usually harbor fascist views. Pilger is a leftover from 20th century faux radicalism. John is like Buster Keaton in the twilight zone episode 'Once Upon a Time' a comical relic from a bygone era.

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